söndag 28 april 2013

Great Big Sea at Mile One, lots of love :)

I promised a girl to write something in english, so here goes;

Lots of love was in the air when GreatBigSea entered the stage at Mile One  in StJohns. 
And i was so happy to be there. 
You can tell there is a lot of warmth between the audience and the band.
"20 years in the making", as Alan Doyle said, as the "folkrock" band now was ending their 20-year as a band anniversary tour.

Den här sortens musik är så kul! Jag menar, dragspel, fiol, mandolin och bodhrantrumma och så rock på det, och stämsång...och en publik som lyckligt lägger armarna om varandra och höjer sina ölglas i luften. Eller dansar runt mellan stolsraderna.

The guys are having fun up there

Newfoudland-people, i just love you!
I probably was the only Swedish person there at MileOne last night, but that didn´t bother me. 
You all just seemed like one really big family, in whose kitchen this great big party was going on,
and where anyone was welcome :)

Have a great sunday everyone!

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